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Be a bearded man with minoxidil. . My experiences. .

Beard is something all the men really wanted to get. It can start growing from your teenage times. There is no way to control over its color or texture. Sometimes you need to wait a few years it finds its shape. All of the bearded men you see on screen weren’t born with the beard they have now. Many of them have been battled patchy beard in their youth.

minoxidil is an anti hypertensive vasodilator medication available as a generic medication for the treatment of hair loss. This medicine is mainly using to grow the hair, its very effective on baldness too

Is it effective on beard? This article is gonna explain how to use minoxidil, its side effects and the results. .

So many people are using it for beard and they are getting good results. In my experience, To be very frank, the result was awesome. ..

Our beard growth very much depending on our hormone changes. By using minoxidil you can make your beard thick and fast growing. As per the company catalog, u have to use 2ml per day. But I suggest, our body takes particular time to accept anything from outside including medicine. So, until the body accept minoxidil you should use half ml every night. In the morning massage your face with olive oil. Olive oil is best for dry skins. It lightens our skin as it contains vitamin E. It helps grow the beard faster.

I promises, Within one month u will get best result. 95 out of 100 people will get good result. Only 5% of them fails. It is because of the nature of their body, we can call it as genetic problem. If there is no change in two or three weeks, it means u belong to that 5% people. Those people usually have no beard growth.

Including celebrities are happy with minoxidil.

I had not even a single hair on my face. But, now I looks different. So, I thought this information is very useful to the people who suffering from poor beard growth. U should use it 3 months continuously. Along with the medicine usage have more water everyday., at least 8 glass. It helps fast result.

Minoxidil is approved by FDA, american drug department.

You should buy mx 5 formula bottle. Not use mx 10, It leads to some physical illness. Mx 2 is preferable for woman.

So, use minoxidil regularly. Get an awesome beard. . .



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